Free Consultancy For Charities


Brand Awareness

The more people that know about your charity the more donations/support you're likely to recieve. I'll help you get set up with a website, social media platforms (If you aren't already) and optimise them for maximum visibility. I'll give you tips and tricks to help manage these platforms further down the line and we can increase donations and awareness of your charity.

Social Media

I'll show you simple tips and tricks to better manage social media. Focussing on growth and communnity engagement I'll show you how to easily maintain a growing social media profile.

Fund Raising

More traffic to your website and social platforms means more people that are potentially going to donate. I'll help set it up so you can recieve donations online.

How can I help?

I'm an experienced web designer and marketer and can help in a few ways. First is getting you set up for success, this is setting you up with a website and social media if you aren't already. Next is optimisation with SEO, Marketing Tips and Tricks, Local Business Listings, etc
The goal here is to increase awareness and help visitors through your donation funnel or to teach them about what it is your charity does.

Let's Talk

Contact For Free Consultancy

This is a project I'm doing in my free time so please understand if I take longer than expected to respond. I also can't say how many people will take this offer so if I become to busy to complete this free work then I can add you to a waitlist or help you find someone else to do the work.

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