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Brand Awareness

AR filters grow on their own with very little input from the original creator. When one person uses it and shares to their story they put your filter in front of potentially thousands of people and then this process can repeat exponentially.

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Customer Interaction

I can build filters that allow customers to interact with your product in AR or just to allow them to feel a part of your brand experience from the comfort of their own homes.

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User Generated Content

Having a filter means you'll have potentially thousands of people creating content using it. This massively boosts brand reach and users relationship with your brand.

Why should your brand have a filter?

Aside from the countless marketing and brand awareness benefits filters can add a little something different to your Instagram profile that really make your company stand out.
There are increasingly more examples of big brands using filters to release new products, promote events and in general just engage with their communities. But this isn't exclusive to those big companies. Your brand can have it's own filter and I would love to be the one to work with you on it.

My filter successes:

Aside from the filters I've built for brands I've made three filters from myself which I can share the analytics of. These three filters were meant to be comedic and in the time they've been live have generated over 350,000 impressions. This has been with no paid promotion.
These impressions equal in just under £10,000 worth of reach if it was to be promoted as an ad. This is testament to how amazing filters can be for awareness.

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